As we continue to refine car shopping, buying and owning, our culture is changing with it.

We know the car-buying experience, as a whole, is fundamentally broken. Customers come to the dealership ready for a fight - and that ends here and now. That's no way to build relationships or run a business. From our Guest interaction, through the entire life of our Guests' vehicles, we're no longer in the car-selling business. We're a place where Guest satisfaction is key - Where every car deserves a happy owner®.

Our Position

From shopping to owning, Sonic has created an automotive retail experience designed around our guests, for our guests. By recognizing and addressing the consumer pain points that have existed for years, we're creating not only happy Guests, but happy owners.

We've removed the pain points of typical dealerships and offer expert guidance along the way.
We offer a pressure-free experience. One where Guests are in control, and we are there to offer help when needed.
Every employee is an active participant. Not just executors, but definers and agents of change.
We put the control firmly in the hands of our Guests, earning their trust through transparency and shared knowledge.

  A simple idea with very big implications

It sets the new, high standard for car dealership sales and service.

It is the culmination of our journey, and there is no turning back.

It is a way of working, built on the foundation of who we are today and defines who we will be moving forward.

Our Personality

While the Sonic Automotive Brand serves as an umbrella brand to our multiple dealerships across the country, our tone may change depending on the audience and situation. It is important, however, that the overarching Sonic Automotive Brand is always communicated as one company and one brand. Our personality represents who we are. It's why our Guests choose us.

It's our job to find the perfect vehicle that meets each of our Guests' unique needs. Our love of cars - and people - makes that journey comfortable and happy for every Sonic Guest.
We don't use jargon or technical speak. We use simple language everyone on the road can understand.
We take great pride in being part of the community we serve. We work hard to make all our Guests feel at home. And we give back to our communities as often as possible.
We hear what all our Guests are saying. When they come to us with a question, we promptly and courteously respond with helpful answers.

We bring a positive, friendly attitude to every interaction with our Guests because buying a car should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one.
This applies to people's time and their money. Every single Guest is important and we treat them with kindness and dignity. Whether they're shopping for their first car, or their tenth.
Regardless of our Guests' budgets or brand preferences, we provide a premium experience for all. Each interaction with the Sonic brand should enrich and improve our Guests' lives.

Part of transforming the way people buy cars is transforming how people perceive the entire process. From purchase, to service, through the entire life of our Guests' vehicles, it's our job to take the mystery out of the experience.